Monday, June 3, 2013

Beauty No-Nos 👎

There are so many beauty "rules" or the right way to do a certain thing.We're all human and imperfect. And some rules are just meant to be broken. I'm gonna give the top 3 beauty no-nos I'm guilty of. 

1.) I wear dramatic eyeshadow and liner all the time. Why should I only have to wear neutrals at a certain time? I love bright colors and over exaggerated winged eyeliner. 

2.) I have popped pimples. I think almost all of us have done it. You get an irritating pimple and just pick at it. I know it causes scarring and I have stopped this bad habit to some degree. 

3.) The last and probably the worst beauty no-no I'm guilty of. Going to sleep with a face of makeup from that day. I have remover wipes but sometimes I'm just so tired and lazy. It's another bad habit I'm really trying to kick :P

Comment some beauty no-nos your guilty of! 😛

❤- Taylor 

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